​It seems that just about everywhere is fishing well right now. Venture out and get in on the great fishing we have this time of year. Here is our fishing report for this week.
Box Canyon: Not much has changed in the Box since last report. The flows are great and the fish are cooperating. Nymphing and throwing streamers are the names of the game this time of year. Flies: #16 - 18 zebras in red,brown or black, #8 - 10 black or brown rubberlegs, streamers or zonkers in assorted colors.
Madison River: Sculpin patterns are crushing fish right now. Zonkers in assorted colors are also getting the job done. Standard buggers have been working well in black and olive. Follow them with a shiny nymph for the best success. Consider dead drifting them under an indicator in the deeper runs. Big fish are laying in the riffles as well. Nymphing has also been the way to go. Princes, lightning bugs, hare's ears, midges ect. Kepp an eye out for blue wings if you looking for some dry fly action.
Yellowstone National Park: The Madison river in the park continues to fish well. Being on the bottom has been giving us the best results. Streamer and nymphs to have on are Sparkle minnows in silver or purple, olive or natural zonkers, prince nymphs or girdle bugs, zebra's, crystal dips, RAMs or copper johns. The firehole continues to provide the best dry fly fishing around. Emergences of White Millers and baetis are bringing fish to the surface daily. If the bugs aren't on top, swing small soft hackles to keep the action going. The NE corner of the park is another option if you looking to fish to rising fish. Have small baetis patterns as well as streamers. 
Henry's Lake: Henry's continues to have the best fishing of the year. The fish have moved into the shallows and reports of good numbers and big fish come in daily from fishermen. Best flies to use: Electric black, Electric red, Canadian and Halloween leeches or scuds and chronomids under an indicator.
Hebgen Lake: Hebgen still has some fishing to be had as well. Fishing where the tributaries enter the lake will yield fish stripping streamers, leeches or buggers. Have a assortment of colors and search until you find the color they like.
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Until next week Live Long and Fish Hard


Well Fall is here and the best fishing of the season is upon us. Friends always ask me why I don't hunt all that much anymore, and its because the fall fishing is so dang good!  Here is our fishing report for this week.
Box Canyon: The flows have been holding pretty steady the past few days, and currently at 636 cfs. The best fishing has been with nymphs and streamers. Fly suggestions are Rubber legs in black or brown, Zebra midges in red or brown, Mylar prince and Sparkle PT's . If you want to fish a dry, we would run a hopper dropper rig with a Zebra midge or other small nymph for the dropper. Streamers in assorted colors in black, olive or sparkle has been the colors that are working.
Madison River: Up between the lake was very good for us throwing streamers right above Quake lake. The Baetis hatches have started if you want to fish on the surface. Nymphing  will continue to be solid using small Baetis nymphs and Zebra midges.
Yellowstone National Park: The park continues to get better every day with the current storms we have been having this past week. The Madison has seen more runners coming up from  the lake and throwing streamers or nymphing has been the way to catch them. Rubber legs or Prince nymphs for your top nymph followed by a zebra, dip or other small mayfly will work. The Firehole is on fire! It's been silly this past week. If you want to have a great day fishing dry flies, the Firehole is for you. White millers, Baetis and swinging Soft Hackles in olive, hares ear or pheasant colors will keep the fish biting. The Lamar river and Soda Butte are question marks at this point because of the storms and blowing out the rivers. Hopefully if we can get a few rain free days they will clear up.
Henry's lake: With the colder weather, we are seeing fish starting to move back into the shallows. Electric black, RC's, Halloween and Canadian red leeches are the colors to have on. Stop into the shop for a daily report. 
Hebgen lake: We have heard rumors of fish stacking up near the tributaries preparing for the fall spawn. The Madison, Grayling and the South fork arms have been producing big numbers of fish. Leeches and streamers have been getting fish to the net.
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Until next week, Live Long and Fish Hard


-​It's been a busy week at the fly shop, our guide trips and at the lodge. We had a-great turn out for our tying night with our own Bob Swenson and we will keep you all in the loop on when our next river clinic or tying night will be next. Here is our fishing report for this week. 
Box Canyon: The flows as of today are right around 850 and should remain pretty close to that for the foreseeable future. We floated the box this past week and the standard double nymph rig with a Black rubber legs / Zebra Midge or other mayfly pattern worked best up high while fishing a Golden Stone / Zebra midge dropper worked best in the lower section. Also be on the look out for PMD's, Caddis and a left over March brown or two. 
Lower Henry's Fork: The lower river is a bug buffet for the fish. We have seen great hatches of PMD's, Green and Grey Drakes, and a few flavs. We floated Warm River to Ashton and also saw a lot of Caddis and Golden Stones. Running a Foam Golden stone with a Zebra Midge or mayfly dropper worked well ramp to ramp. If your between hatches, the double nymph rig will keep you in the fish.
Madison River: Still off color but its fishing. Double nymph rigs using a Rubber legs  and small nymphs are getting the job done. Streamer action has been good as well. Looking forward to the big bugs here in the next week or two.
Yellowstone National Park: The Firehole has been lights out good this week. White Millers, Caddis and Swinging Pheasant or Hares Ear soft Hackles. The Madison is still a little high and off color but still fishable. Double Nymph rigs using large Rubber legs or Prince nymphs and size up the smaller nymph as well. White millers and even a few Salmon Flies around on the Madison  as well.
Henrys Lake: Henry"s has been hit and miss this week. Slow stripping a size 14 Pheasant Tail, Mitty Mouse or a HL Renagade. Hot spots are Staley's, Pintail point and we got a few tugs over by the cliffs.
Hebgen Lake: The North shore is still doing good for the fishermen. Black and Brown leaches are still the best bets. Still seeing a few midges on top and cant wait for the Calabeatis Trico's to get here.
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